Welcome to Crew Properties LLC

1. How do I sell my house to you?

It is easy, we will walk through your house and provide a price for your house. If you agree, then we will write up a standard real estate purchase agreement. We use Platinum Title, Accurate Title or Chicago Title to make sure all of the title work is in good order and you get paid securely.

2. How much do I get for my house?

We purchase homes that need work and will pay an equitable price for your home less repairs and a small margin in exchange for our investment.

3. How fast can I get my money?

We can pay you as fast as the title company can complete the title search and prepare the closing documents. It can be as fast as a few days.

4. What type of homes do we buy?

We prefer 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms homes built after 1955 in the metro Kansas City area.

5. Why do I want to sell my house to you?

If you have the time, money and talent to get the wood rot, window, roof, heating/cooling, foundation, electrical and plumbing repairs complete and upgrade the style of the paint, carpet, counter-tops, hardwood floors, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, appliances and other items to a current standard, then you should do it. If you do not have the money, resources, contractors or the time, then we are here to help.

6. How do I know that the transaction is legitimate?

We use known title companies who will prepare the title documents and will not transfer the ownership of the home until the money is available to transfer to your account. We encourage you to use an attorney to represent you and make sure the terms of the agreement are suitable to your requirements. 

7. What does it cost me to get an estimate of the price I can get for my house?

We do not charge you anything when we come out and evaluate your home. We will give you a price and you decide if you want to take the next step.

8. What are the steps we take to sell your house?

     a. Call us. (913) 461 -2390

     b. We come out, assess your property and work required and then we give you a price

     c. You decide if you want to sell your house

     d. We write up a real estate purchase agreement

     e. One of the title companies prepares the closing documents

     f. We close and the home ownership passes to Crew Home Solutions, LLC and the funds go to you and any outstanding loan on the house

9. What if I have outstanding liens?

The title company will pay these off as part of the closing process.